Vacuum furnaces

Vacuum furnaces are being utilized in all industry branches. Application of a vacuum may serve as a protection method for heat-treated parts, which are exposed to the negative influence of atmospheric oxygen and nitrogen. AMAZEMET vacuum furnaces are resistively heated and during the whole process vacuum below 10-5 mbar is maintained. Most of the available vacuum furnaces are being heated up with electric resistive parts made of graphite, ceramic or metals — the material choice mostly depends from the processing temperature and the required vacuum level. Our most popular top-loaded furnace, with the heating zone of 100 mm in diameter and 80 mm height, has a lifted cover. Variety of available models makes it a perfect tool for both R&D and small-scale production. Standard configuration:
  • Water-cooled vacuum chamber with the heating zone size of Ø 100×80 mm;
  • Processing temperature: max. 1250 deg C;
  • Standard processing pressure: below 3×10-6 mbar;
  • Maximum vacuum level: 8×10-8 mbar for turbomolecular pump;
  • Optimized, uniform temperature distribution;
  • User-friendly control panel. 

You can choose the variant of the vacuum furnace, which will satisfy the needs of your laboratory or start-up. Several options for heating systems, vacuum type or process gas systems are available.

If you are interested and would like to talk with us about the potential usage or configurations, please let us know!


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