WTaVTi HEA arc-casting

Refractory metal-based high entropy alloys are considered the most promising plasma facing materials for future fusion reactors. Together with colleagues from Warsaw University of Technology we contribute our experience to create the best materials and manufacturing techniques for them. Recently we have processed novel W-Ta-V-Ti via arc-casting and laser surface remelting to check its feasibility for additive manufacturing.

The SEM image shows that as-cast material (XRD-single-phased) consists of W/Ta enriched dendrites and V/Ti enriched interdendritic areas. The very same material after laser surface remelting seems to be homogenous with no visible segregation due to high cooling rates. Similarities to laser-based additive manufacturing promise such alloys could be successfully 3D-printed and show the importance of alloy fine-tuning for additive manufacturing.

Detailed studies on radiation-resistant HEAs by our colleague Jan Wróbel can be found in the link below. We are happy that we can assist cutting-edge technology development!