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Table of Contents:

1. Code of Ethics – Introduction

2. What is the Code of Ethics at AMAZAMET.

3. Compliance management

4. Tone of the top

5. Code of values and conduct.

5.1. Ethics

5.2. Innovation

5.3. Trust

5.4. Counteracting corruption and fraud

5.5. Honesty and Respect

5.6. Responsibility

5.7. Protection of Intellectual Assets

5.8. Data protection

5.9. Environmental Protection

5.10. Compliance advisory contact box

1. Code of Ethics – Introduction

Our main goal is creating a better future!

We are a company that, thanks to its knowledge, commitment and cooperation with leading research units in Poland and in the world, sets new standards in business.

A company is people, people are actions, and actions are rules. And these rules show us the way.

At AMAZAMET, we put Business Ethics first. Because we come from the scientific community, we pay a lot of attention to honest conduct when it comes to both scientific  and technical environment. We deliver innovative solutions on the highest level. The entire production process at AMAZAMET is based on trust built from the moment the idea is born until the finished product is delivered.

On the basis of this philosophy, our Code of Ethics was created. It’s our rulebook of how we approach business.

We create a business responsibly – this principle guides all actions taken. An important feature of our company is, among others, care for the natural environment. Our production process includes solutions that meet the eco-friendly requirements.

In the document below, we indicate the main areas and principles of our activity. We believe in the thesis that “who wants to change the world starts with himself”, therefore at AMAZEMET the greatest value are committed and honest people.

2. What is the Code of Ethics at AMAZAMET

Code of Ethics for employees and associates of the Company contains our values and principles we look for when establishing cooperation with external entities. We demand a lot from others, but even more from ourselves.

3. Compliance Management

We build a Compliance Management System from the scratch. Because of that we define areas for corrections, create standards and implement them. They raise the quality of work and the awareness about responsible and ethical business. We comply with national, European and the world laws and regulations applicable to our activities, including, but not limited to: 

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the standards of the International Labor Organization, OECD guidelines, Corruption Abroad, the UK Anti-Corruption Act, the French Act on Control, Anti-Corruption and Business Modernization (Sapin II), the French Criminal Code on Financial and Economic Lies and Offenses, and trade sanctions (embargoes) in the Administrative Board, including all sanctions which may be in force for the issuance of a UN Charter issued under Chapter VII of the UN Security Charter, sanctions for issuing by the Union, the United States Government, the French Government, or pursuant to regulations or a list of laws or monitors, such as Consolidated Travel Ban and Assets Freeze UN Sanctions Committee-Published Lists, OFAC-Maintained Specially Designated Citizens and Blocked Persons, and Consolidated List, Groups, and Subject to EU Financial Sanctions.

4. Tone of the top

In our company, rules implementation starts in management team. We cooperate with many scientific institutions from all over the world. Reputation, that we are proud of, requires from us not only technological peaks, but also proper conduct on the level of ethics, respect and responsibility in business. The Management Board of AMAZAMET operates in accordance with the Company’s Code of Ethics, giving an example to employees and associates

5. Code of values and conduct

5.1. Ethics

Ethical behavior in business relations is necessary not only for legal reasons, but also for good business hygiene, which has a positive effect on the image and opinion, as well as trust. In our company, we have procedures for accepting donations and gifts, including the Anti-Corruption Policy. We operate in accordance with set standards.

5.2. Innovation

We are a company that derives from and is dependent on the Warsaw University of Technology. As a result, we are part of the global academic community that defines us as researchers of devices, technologies and services.

5.3. Trust

AMAZEMET introduces innovative solutions based on collective scientific and research work. All our products are covered by patent protection. Our trademark may only be used with permission and a written declaration of representatives of AMAZAMET. That is why it is so important for us to build trust among the company’s employees and business partners. We guarantee the highest quality and declare assistance at every stage of cooperation.

5.4. Counteracting corruption and fraud

We do not accept acts of corruption, fraud, abuse, bribery, embezzlement, extortion and other unacceptable behavior that may lead to direct or indirect offers including benefits in the form of gifts in exchange for specific behavior or the company’s obligations to act or inaction. We have created a Gift Acceptance Policy which defines the rules of small gifts within the limits of applicable standards and good sense. Thus, we expect our partners to also respect our standards,  restrain from giving our employees inappropriate gifts or offers of favors.

5.5. Honesty and Respect

We strive to principles of honesty and respect in our business dealings. We adhere to them in the contracts, accounting, remuneration and employment. They also apply in the event of conflicts of interest. We respect individuality, we create a work environment that is friendly to everyone.

5.6. Responsibility

In order to properly manage both the chain of receiving parcels from suppliers and deliveries to our customers, we have created Business Partner Checking Procedure. Each supplier and business partner is treated in our company in accordance with the principles of honesty and in a way that does not restrict free competition.

5.7. Protection of Intellectual Resources

Our company is part of the Research Group of the Warsaw University of Technology, therefore we protect all intellectual resources, including those constituting legal property, both in the research and production process.

5.8. Data Protection

We care for the safety and protection of our own and entrusted data (clients, employees, etc.). We use knowledge and solutions supporting data protection, respecting the confidentiality rules at all levels of the Amazemet structure.

5.9. Environmental protection

In the production process we apply the principles of care for the environment, which is why it is carried out with respect and compliance with the guidelines in the field of environmental protection, health and safety.

5.10. Compliance Advisory Contact Box

More policy information and procedures can be found in the Procedure database, available via the intranet at We also invite you to contact us via the contact box.