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It’s the year 2016. In the laboratories of Warsaw University of Technology, a Ph.D. student needed 200 g of bulk metallic glass powder. Powder, which was supposed to be a feedstock material for his research on alloy design for laser powder bed fusion. However, such a small quantity of gas atomized powder batch production exceeded the project budget by two times. 


The solution was already out there, but it had been forgotten for 40 years – ultrasonic atomization technology. Upon rediscovering this technique, it was decided to build a new system, later to be developed into rePowder device – and produce metal powders in-house.


This is the story of AMAZEMET founder and inventor, Łukasz Żrodowski, and the origin of the company’s core mission: to broaden scientific possibilities in materials development and metal additive manufacturing by spreading knowledge and delivering novel tools for researchers worldwide.


AMAZEMET as an international company being an executive partner for many scientific organizations and technological companies in technology development and prototyping.

World-class leader in ultrasonic technologies.


Spreading knowledge and creating new reality by facilitation of acces to the newest technologies, thanks to constant scientific development.

Delivery of the highest quality, customized products to our clients and partners as a result of our deep understanding of their needs.


AMAZEMET (founded in 2019) is a spin-off from Warsaw University of Technology, that has successfully transferred ultrasonic atomization, along with expertise in automated support removal, into state-of-the-art devices that are part of its portfolio. The focus of the company is to provide laboratory-scale units for the in-house manufacturing of powders with a tailored chemical composition that is suitable for various applications, including Additive Manufacturing.

The company also develops post-processing solutions such as affordable high-vacuum laboratory furnaces and devices for automated support removal and surface finishing. In line with the company’s origins and the seven PhD students on its board, AMAZEMET maintains a strong connection with academic researchers by participating in collaborative research activities focused on developing new materials for AM, and partnering in projects, such as EIC Pathfinder,, Horizon 2020 and ESA.

For the development of
metal additive

This mission has grown over time, focusing on values such as sustainability, providing a closed-loop production chain for metal 3D printing, and technologies supporting the development of industrial metal additive manufacturing (AM). Rapid growth resulted in extending product range: next to the rePowder ultrasonic atomizer the company introduced inFurner – high vacuum furnace for heat treatment processes and the AMAZEMET solution for support removal – safeEtch device.


Through the years AMAZEMET partnered up with several world-recognized companies:


Blue Power Casting Systems - German company that develops gas atomization technologies and casting systems while specializing in induction melting technology. Together Blue Power and AMAZEMET work on compact induction-based ultrasonic powder atomizer AUS500.


Aconity 3D - the producer of modular metal 3D printers aimed mostly at R&D of additive manufacturing technologies.


From 2023 AMAZEMET is also a Sales Representative in Poland for GE Additive - the leading company in metal 3D printing technology. AMAZEMET's role is the distribution of Arcam and Concept Laser devices in the Polish additive manufacturing market.

Being both a production company and the Warsaw University of Technology spin-off AMAZEMET combines the understanding of relevant fundamental science and academic environments with industrial processes and needs. These qualities make the company a perfect partner for scientific collaboration

As a part of different consortia, AMAZEMET provides know-how in the area of materials science, 3D printing process, metal powder materials, ultrasonic technology, postprocessing, and other methods and technologies connected with metal 3D printing and materials development. Thanks to rePowder technology AMAZEMET metal powder production capabilities include ultrasonic powder atomization of e.g. refractory metals powders.

Professionals who create pioneering solutions with passion every day



In AMAZEMET we are committed to the dissemination of groundbreaking research in advanced materials, metallurgical engineering and additive manufacturing. Our publications include scholarly articles that delve deep into a range of topics and offers unique insights into cutting-edge methodologies. We take pride in fueling the curiosity of researchers and practitioners alike, fostering an environment conducive to learning, discovery, and the broadening of intellectual horizons.

Selective Laser Melting of Fe-Based Metallic Glasses With Different Degree of Plasticity
Novel Cold Crucible Ultrasonic Atomization Powder Production Method for 3D Printing
Powder characterisation of Pt84-Al11-Cr3-Ru2 superalloy manufactured by ultrasonic atomisation
Laser powder‑bed fusion of biodegradable Fe–Mn alloy: melt‑pool solidification
Influence of surface characteristics and finishing on fatigue properties of additively manufactured Ti6Al4V
Spherical powders: control over the size and morphology of powders for additive manufacturing and enriched stable isotope nuclear targets
Theory-guided design of high-strength, high-melting point, ductile, low-density, single-phase BCC high entropy alloys
A comparison of the microstructure-dependent corrosion of dual-structured Mg-Li alloys fabricated by powder consolidation methods: Laser powder bed fusion vs pulse plasma sintering


We are honored to collaborate with influential industrial partners. GE Additive, a global leader in additive manufacturing technologies, brings its exceptional prowess in 3D printing systems and materials, further enriching the scope of our research ACONITY 3D, a pioneer in the field of laser-based additive manufacturing, lends its invaluable expertise and innovative equipment. Indutherm, renowned for their advanced casting and melting systems, fortifies our body of knowledge with deep insights into metal processing and consolidation techniques. These partnerships serve not only to enhance the depth and breadth of AMAZEMET’s research, but also to bridge the gap between academia and industry, fostering an enriching symbiosis of theory and practice.










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The company is the people. It’s the team that is the backbone of AMAZEMET’s success – being a metal additive manufacturing solutions market leader. As the company provides various devices and technologies for additive processes, the team is made up of talented individuals with expertise in different fields: from additive technologies, printing process, and the materials market, to production process, project management, and material science. These people share a passion for pushing the boundaries of what is possible with technology in the advanced metal additive manufacturing sector.


Meet the people who stand behind AMAZEMET and learn more about our team members, their areas of expertise, and how they contribute to our mission and vision as a company. Explore our website and discover what makes our team truly exceptional.


Łukasz Żrodowski

Inventor and Ph.D. candidate at Warsaw University of Technology. Working on metal 3D printing techniques and new 3D printing metal powder materials throughout his academic career. AMAZEMET CEO and one of the co-founders. His ideas drive the innovative spirit of the team.


Mateusz Ostrysz

IWE and Ph.D. candidate at Warsaw University of Technology but most of all born manager and leader. As AMAZEMET COO and co-founder, he combines leadership skills, strategic thinking, and operational knowledge to be a committed driver of the company and search for new opportunities for the company’s growth. His excellent understanding of all the company’s operations, processes, and systems makes it easy for him to identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement and implement changes to streamline and increase the efficiency of our organization.


Wojciech Łacisz

IWE specialized in various welding techniques such as TIG, MIG/MAG, LASER, WAAM with additional experience in production and process engineering, 3D printing technology, and vacuum technologies. One of the AMAZEMET co-founders and a co-creator of the company’s core products and technologies. His skills save the day when the team hits the wall.


Adrian Truszkowski

Expert in sales and business development with over 10 years of experience in providing professional 3D printing solutions from world-leading manufacturers (like GE Additive, Aconity3D, EOS, HP, and Stratasys). AMAZEMET Sales Director and contributor to business development. His deep understanding of the additive manufacturing market and process-focused approach sets the team on the right track to constantly improve sales and application service quality.


Jakub Ciftci

PhD student at Warsaw University of Technology


Bartosz Morończyk

Additive manufacturing specialist in materials characterization, LPBF metal printing, and thermal spraying coating, while being also a Ph.D. candidate at Warsaw University of Technology. Being AMAZEMET Application Engineer he shares the company’s expertise with customers helping them to choose the most suitable device setup. His insights are key in the development of current and new devices to offer solutions that answer customers’ needs.


Tomasz Choma

Having graduated with M.Eng. degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China, Tomasz is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Warsaw University of Technology focusing on ultrasonic atomization of materials with tailored chemical composition. At AMAZEMET he uses his rich expertise and experience in service to customers as Application Engineer. His positive attitude always creates a very special atmosphere both in the office and when working with customers.


Kacper Obłuski

Interdisciplinary engineer with a wide array of experience from ultrasonic atomization and 3D printing to process management and marketing. Focused on the development of interdivisional communication and efficient work management. Joins the responsibilities of AMAZEMET marketing specialist and Jira admin using his previous R&D experience and company knowledge in the constant development of consistent brand identity and corporate culture.


Jakub Tomaszewski

Successful change agent and problem solver in the field of marketing. Specialized in SEO/SEM, analytics, graphic design, and content creation. Helping Amazeteam to deliver the right message to the right person, at just the right time. Constantly working to build a better tomorrow through marketing. Privately loving husband and father.

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