The rePowder technology allows to produce high-quality powder regardless of the initial form of the feed material. Pure elements, pre-alloyed material, but also unnecessary and failed printouts, can be easily pulverized. rePowder is a universal research platform for metallurgical processes performed in a vacuum and with ultrasonic agitation.


Vacuum furnaces

AMAZEMET vacuum furnaces may serve as a perfect solution to protect heat-treated parts you develop, both for R&D and small-scale production.

Our most popular model is top-loaded furnace, with the heating zone of 100 mm in diameter and 80 mm height.

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research & development

 + Ultrasound technologies

Ultra-high temperature ultrasonic treatment opens a new chapter in the history of metallurgy. Grain refinement, nanocomposites, and high-quality welding are only the beginning of the path.

 + 3D printing

We know it well. The whole 3D printing process — starting from the material selection, powder production, process and printing strategy optimization, and finishing with the post-treatment.

 + Vacuum technologies

We can provide vacuum-related solutions for R&D sector. The variety of industrial and laboratory applications requires flexibility and we can help you with various ideas.


Our team leaders created the first high-temperature ultrasonic atomizer in 2016 at Warsaw University of Technology as a convenient tool for production of new alloys for additive manufacturing. With the invention of a new class of ultrasonic tools, we decided to share our experience to accelerate the design of advanced materials.


AMAZEMET in 3D Printing Industry!

AMAZEMET in 3D Printing Industry!

We are extremely happy to inform you that one of the top media in 3D printing world — 3D Printing Industry — published an article about our recent achievements…

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